Subscription Show 2020 Announces 1:1 Coaching Sessions for Subscription Business Providers

Register today for the best 1:1 coaching sessions in the subscription industry.

Subscription Show 2020 (online) is offering subscription business providers and conference attendees with the opportunity to meet with subscription experts to get detailed feedback on important issues specific to their business in a 1:1 coaching session. Starting October 5, Subscription Show 2020 is the premier conference to learn the latest subscription economy intel.

Coaches Available For 1:1 Sessions include:

  • Bundling & Distribution Coach
    Is a bundled subscription offering your next step for growth?
  • Data Revenue Opportunity Coach
    Are You Leveraging Your Data to Enable Subscription Growth?
  • Understanding Failed Payments Coach
    Are You Leaving Money on the Table?
  • Payment Vendor Coach
    Understand If Your Tech Stack Is Helping, Or Hindering, Your Bottom Line
  • Involuntary Churn Mitigation Coach
    Found Money! Involuntary Churn Mitigation & Revenue Recovery
  • Account Updater Coach
    Account Updater: How To Use This Critical Recurring Revenue Correctly
  • Retention Journey Coach
    How to Optimize Subscriber Retention (And Benchmark Your Performance)
  • Transaction Optimization Coach – Understand How You Can Improve Your Payment Inefficiencies
  • 30-minute Sessions are open to all registered Subscription Show 2020 attendees.

Beyond coaching sessions, Subscription Show 2020 (online) offers seven Keynotes from preeminent Subscription Experts, 100+ sessions from leading subscription economy experts and video-centric round table discussion groups.

Subscription Show 2020 provides subscription businesses a roadmap to 2021 from trusted Subscription Industry Leaders based on the latest data and intel.

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