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Trump’s Media Company Is Working on a Streaming Subscription Service

TMTG+ will feature ‘non-woke’ entertainment programming, news, podcasts, Trump-specific content, faith-based shows and more

Donald Trump’s media company, Trump Media & Technology Group, is working on developing a direct-to-consumer streaming video on-demand subscription service called TMTG+, according to an S-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition, TMTG will develop a podcast platform. The filing was made last Friday by Digital World Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company, that plans to merge with TMTG. News of TMTG+ was first announced in an October 20, 2021 news release about the TMTG-DWAC merger.

“TMTG believes that there is an acute need for quality programming that does not lecture its viewers or only present one ‘acceptable’ approach to a topic. Entertainers and creators have frequently been agents for change in our society. Large media conglomerates become increasingly monolithic in their views, cancelling those who disagree with the prevailing narrative. TMTG believes that embracing diverse perspectives will differentiate TMTG+ in the current crowded media and entertainment marketplace,” DWAC said in the S-1 filing.

TMTG has not announced a proposed launch date or pricing for the TMTG+ streaming subscription service. TMTG+ is headed up by Scott St. John, an executive producer who worked on shows including “Deal or No Deal” and “America’s Got Talent” and has produced more than 1,000 hours of network and cable television, according to TMTG.

TMTG+ content

The streaming subscription service plans to focus on “non-woke” content and hopes to cancel “cancel culture.” In the S-1 filing, TMTG said it will not censor creators of entertainment for TMTG+, and it will not “insist that its programming push some particular political ideology.”

“TMTG intends for TMTG+ to be a subscription-based, direct-to-consumer video streaming service that will include unique programming. TMTG+ intends to offer programs including, but not limited to blue collar comedy, cancelled shows, Trump-specific programming, faith-based shows, family entertainment, shows that embrace the Second Amendment, and news,” said DWAC in the filing.

“TMTG intends to license, produce, and deliver news, sports, and non-woke entertainment content through this platform. TMTG+ will provide a platform for conservative and/or libertarian views, and otherwise cancelled content from other broadcast television and/or digital streaming platforms. TMTG also intends to create, operate, and commercialize a podcasting platform as a part of its TMTG+ streaming service,” DWAC wrote about the streaming subscription service.

TMTG+ logo on blurred image of video production
Source: TMTG

TRUTH Social

TMTG is also the creator of TRUTH Social, a social media app designed to create an open forum for free speech without discrimination or censorship. The app launched earlier this year in beta form, and officially launched on May 18. It is currently only available for iOS; TMTG has not announced a release date for Android. Sources vary on whether or not TRUTH Social is a popular tool. As of April 23, 2022, new downloads of the free app had declined to 218,186 after an initial spike when the beta version was released.

Chart showing Truth Social downloads from weeks 8 to 17 of 2022 as of April 23, 2022.

Insider Take

Regardless of how you feel about former president Donald Trump, he is innovative, creative, and a news maker. He has an audience of tens of millions at his fingertips, and he is virtually always in the media spotlight. While the Truth Social app isn’t the social media darling Trump hoped for (yet), there is potential appeal for a streaming subscription service that features the type of content that Trump supporters will enjoy. For those who aren’t fans of Trump, TMTG+ might be a bit like watching a train wreck. You don’t want to see it happen, but you can’t look away either.

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