Nike Launches Adventure Club Shoe Subscription for Kids 2 to 10

Three-tiered subscription sends shoes monthly, bimonthly and quarterly.

Nike Launches Adventure Club Shoe Subscription for Kids 2 to 10

Source: Nike

If youve ever been a parent, you know how quickly kids grow and how hard they can be on clothes and shoes. So does Nike, who hopes to ease that burden in the form of a kids shoe subscription service. Nike Adventure Club serves the parents of kids two to 10 who wear sizes 4C to 7Y. Launched just in time for back-to-school shopping, the subscription has three tiers: monthly for $20, bimonthly for $30, or quarterly deliveries for $50. Kids can get four, six or 12 pairs a year, depending on the subscription tier.

Not sure which subscription plan to choose? Nike suggests the quarterly plan for playful kids who grow fast, the bimonthly plan for active kids who wreck shoes and the monthly plan for adventurous kids who need more than one pair of shoes. The quarterly and bimonthly plans do not offer discounts, but the monthly plan does.

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Offering door-to-door delivery of Nike or Converse shoes, Nike Adventure Club allows parents to choose from more than 100 different sneaker styles from performance to sportswear. If parents and their child like a pair and it fits well, they can keep it. If not, they can send it back and Nike will donate or recycle the returned shoes. If parents order the wrong size, they can exchange the pair within seven days for shoes. Parents can upgrade, downgrade or pause their subscription at any time. Shipping, returns and exchanges are free.

In providing footwear, were always trying to answer, What do kids want? says Dominique Shortell, director of product experience and retention for Nike Adventure Club, in an August 12 announcement. But an equally important question is, What kind of experience are we providing for their parents?’ We want to make shopping for footwear as convenient as possible for them.”

Nike Launches Adventure Club Shoe Subscription for Kids 2 to 10

Source: Nike Adventure Club

We see Nike Adventure Club as having a unique place within Nike, and not just for it being the first sneaker club for kids, says Dave Cobban, general manager of Nike Adventure Club. It provides a wide range of options for kids, while at the same time, it removes a friction point for parents who are shopping on their behalf.

Accompanying the shoes are exclusive adventure guides with outdoor games and activities for families to do together. The guides are provided in partnership with KaBoom to help kids live active, healthy lives. The service is also offering weekly challenges for club members, like color your clubhouse, penny toss, paper copter and rhythm relay. Nike asks club members to follow them at @nikeadventureclub for updates to keep them engaged.

Nike Launches Adventure Club Shoe Subscription for Kids 2 to 10

Source: Nike Adventure Club

The companys announcement said they are accepting subscription orders as of August 12, but that is not clear on their website. The subscription service is not searchable on We found a link for, and asks people to join the waitlist with new members added daily.

In their FAQs, Nike says there is a wait list to ensure their members get the best service and personalized experience. Most likely, Nike will scale their subscription program based on demand. They are starting out slow to make sure they can meet customer expectations and company quality control standards.

Insider Take:

My kids are adults now, so I no longer have the challenge of keeping up with their growth spurts and changing tastes. However, if I had little ones at home, I would definitely be interested in this. Nike offers a very reasonable price point, style and size options, and they make it more of an experience for both the parents and the kids. Parents can skip the mall to get the latest styles, and kids can look forward to a monthly package that has shoes AND activities. Its like a surprise every time! I love the scalability and the soft launch, as Nike tries the subscription model on for size.