Electric Objects Launches EO2 and Digital Art Subscription Club

For $9.99 a month, subscribers get a rotating selection of digital art to display.

Subscription News: Electric Objects Launches EO2 and Digital Art Subscription Club

Source: Electric Objects

Electric Objects, a digital art canvas company, announced this week that it wants to make art more accessible for people by offering a digital art subscription club, says TechCrunch. After the $299 purchase of an EO2 23-inch display art display, for $9.99 a month, subscribers gain access to a curated collection of both museum classics and new work created specifically for the EO2. At launch, there will be close to 1,000 pieces of art from nearly 200 artists, says Digital Trends.

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Electric Objects got its start in 2014 when it launched a Kickstarter campaign to create its first generation display device (think of it as a computer screen designed specifically to display digital art), the EO1, which was thicker. That device is being discontinued in favor of the EO2 which offers a matte-finish, 1080p, 23-inch screen and is only three-quarters of an inch thick. The new display can be wall-mounted or sit in a no-tip stand. It can also be customized with a choice of four hardwood frames: walnut, maple, black or white wood, sold separately.

Subscription News: Electric Objects Launches EO2 and Digital Art Subscription Club

Source: Electric Objects

Electric Objects explains why it is creating the club in this October 11 teaser post:

“If you’re not part of the art-collecting few that travel the world visiting art fairs, working with art dealers, buying from galleries, or visiting museums openings, you likely feel disconnected from ‘the art world,'” says Jake Levine, co-founder of Electric Objects. “This is not a surprising outcome for an industry whose primary business models derive value from market scarcity and exclusivity. It’s the very absence of access that makes today’s art businesses work. Think of this: value for an art collector comes at least in part from getting access to something that no one else can have.”

“If Electric Objects can do one thing, it can serve as an alternative model for how we discover and engage with art: one that starts from the assumption that we are all capable and deserving of a connection to art and artists, in the same way that we so easily connect with our heroes of music, film, and literature; one that gets better when more people use it,” Levine added.

Subscription News: Electric Objects Launches EO2 and Digital Art Subscription Club

Source: Electric Objects

The EO2 and Art Club subscription, following a 30-day free trial, can be managed through iOS, Android and web apps, where users can customize their experience by adjusting settings, creating “playlists,” and following other users to get access to thousands of community-uploaded art. Users can also upload their own artwork. In addition to the artwork available through the Art Club, Electric Objects has a collection of more than 30,000 works including animation, video art, photography and museum classics to allow users to display a wide variety of art in their own homes.

“Art shouldn’t be this thing that a small number of people appreciate – it should be something we all enjoy,” said Levin in the Digital Trends article.

Insider Take:

This is a creative way for an innovative company to introduce a new product while also creating recurring revenue for sustainability. While the $299 (with free shipping) price tag might put off some consumers, art lovers with disposable income or a passion for art regardless of cost will be intrigued by the EO2 model. It will also appeal to art students, technology lovers and those who crave a unique, ever-evolving artistic experience in their home or office.

The Art Club is what makes this offering exciting to us. Though the EO2 itself is a creative use of technology, we love that new and existing art in a variety of genres and media can be available to anyone for just $9.99 a month. The Art Club not only provides subscribers with a great value, but it will also create customer loyalty for Electric Objects as it continues to grow. And the subscription revenue can help offset the company’s costs – including the acquisition of new art or partnerships with museums, art galleries, artists and others. The subscription model can help make art accessible to a larger, broader audience.