Weekly Subscription News: Scentbird, Sports Streaming and the Senate

Featuring Shomas, EA, Netflix, GoPro and the Jonas Brothers

Weekly Subscription News: Scentbird

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In this weeks subscription headlines, Facebook is called before a Senate panel over its Libra cryptocurrency project, the Jonas Brothers are selling a vinyl subscription service for $599, and Electronic Arts is still thinking about developing its own game streaming platform. Also this week, Shomax starts a sports streaming service, subscription company Scentbird pivots toward wellness, and Netflix raises prices in Ireland, France and Israel.

Shomax Starts Sports Streaming

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Jonas Brothers Selling Vinyl Subscription Service For $599

Facebook Called Before Senate Panel Over Digital Currency Project

EA Confirms Its Still Considering Its Own Game Streaming Platform
Digital Trends

Subscription Company Scentbird Moves into Wellness to Stay on Trend

Netflix Raises Subscription Fees in Israel, Ireland and France
Yahoo Entertainment

GoPro to Expand Subscription Program
Motley Fool

YouTube Is Considering Changes to Kids Content After Criticism