Weekly Subscription News: Police, Prosecutors and Patreon

Featuring Time Warner, ESPN, Nintendo, Apple, Spotify and Netflix

Weekly Subscription News: Police

Source: Bigstock and Subscription Insider

This week was full of big news and performances. The Super Bowl, the Dow Jones, the Winter Olympics and Trump’s tweets are among the hot topics of the day. Meanwhile, subscription companies did not disappoint with news of their own, including big subscription numbers from HBO Now, the pending launch of a subscription app for ESPN, and a confirmed launch date for Nintendo Online. Also this week, we heard about magazine subscription scams, email scams and streaming music companies battling for the top spot.

Time Warner’s Q4 Revenues Rise as HBO Now Reportedly Hits 5M Subscribers

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ESPN’s New Subscription App Will Cost $5 a Month. It Will Not Be a Huge Hit.

Nintendo Online is Now Confirmed for a September Release
Game Tyrant

Prosecutors: Magazine Subscription Scam Took Nearly $500K

Sony Reports Q3 Results, Earnings and Revenues Up Year-over-year

Patreon Lens is Snapchat for Creators’ Paid Fans Only

Apple Music, Spotify Battles Heats Up Again as Race for U.S. Subscribers Gets Closer

Police Warn Netflix Users of Email Scam
USA Today