Weekly Subscription News: M.I.T. Media Lab, Medium and Music

Featuring MIT, Amazon, Apple News and Patreon

Weekly Subscription News: M.I.T. Media Lab

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This week, the subscription news headlines include everything from expansion and exclusion to new launches and legacies: Jeffrey Epsteins legacy ensnares the M.I.T. Media Lab, Medium launches a new publication for business, and Amazon expands into Brazil. Also, Apple News is excluding local newsrooms, a $5 billion fine wont fix Facebook, and paid streaming music subscriptions top 60 million in the United States, says RIAA

Jeffrey Epstein’s Gruesome Legacy Ensnares M.I.T. Media Lab
Publishing Insider

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Amazon Expands in Brazil with Prime Subscription Service
Yahoo Finance

Apple News is Excluding Local Newsrooms from its Coveted Traffic Bump
Columbia Journalism Review

Medium Launches Marker, a New Publication for Businesses

Award-Winning London Art Studies, the Worlds First Online Arts Education Subscription Platform

A $5 Billion Fine Wont Fix Facebook

Paid Streaming Music Subscriptions in U.S. Top 60M, Says RIAA

Patreon May Start Providing Loans to Creators, Among Other New Services