Weekly Subscription News: Facebook, Fitbit, Frustrations and Fears

Featuring Volvo, Bloomberg, Spotify, Google, Amazon and Disney

[IMGCCAP(1)]Knee deep in the latest financial reports, experts and analysts are diving into subscription services to see where they are helping – and hurting – their owners. In this week’s subscription news round-up, would-be subscribers report frustrations with Care by Volvo, Bloomberg is the latest publisher to put up a paywall, and Fitbit is looking at targeted mergers and acquisitions to save the day. Also this week, News Corp tattles on Google and Facebook, Shopify reports revenue growth of 68 percent, and Spotify’s guidance does not impress investors.

Care by Volvo Is Off to a Messy Start

Bloomberg Joins List of Paywall Publishers – But Will Readers Subscribe?
PR Daily

Spotify’s Guidance Does Little to Calm Fears about Its Pricing Power

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