Weekly Subscription News: Acquisitions, Anime and the App Store

Featuring Oracle, MLB.tv, Highlights, Uber and Rolling Stone

Some weeks the subscription headlines are few and far between, but this was a particularly busy week in the subscription world. In fact, it was hard to choose the best headlines to share. This week, Trump shows his support for Oracle to put in a bid to buy TikTok, ‘Highlights’ magazine launches its first subscription box, just in time for back-to-school, and WarnerMedia wants to sell anime service Crunchyroll for $1.5 billion. Also, Facebook fights Apple on App Store fees, MLB.tv will reportedly have to issue more than $200 million in refunds, due to the pandemic, and Rolling Stone magazine puts up a paywall.

Trump Shows Support for Oracle’s Bid to Buy TikTok in he U.S.

Refunds for MLB.tv Will Reportedly Exceed $200 Million This Year
Awful Announcing

‘Highlights’ Launches First Subscription Box as School Nears
Media Post

WarnerMedia Looking to Sell Anime Service Crunchyroll for Reported $1.5 Billion

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Uber Launches Its Pass Subscription Across the U.S., Except California
Venture Beat

FuboTV Takes $100M Hit in Q2 Despite Uptick in Revenue and Subscribers
TV Technology

Facebook Pushes Back Against Apple’s App Store Fees

Rolling Stone Launches Paywall for Online Content