Weekly Subscription News: Streaming, Gaming and Ad Blocking

Featuring Steam, Netflix, Fair, Birchbox and Literati

Weekly Subscription News: Streaming

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This week, we’ve got streaming, gaming and ad blocking news: Steam grows to nearly 95 million monthly active users, Netflix plans to use animation to complete with Disney Plus, and Google Chrome’s new feature will block the most annoying video ads. Also this week, the 165-year-old Montgomery Sentinel closes up shop, Birchbox lays off half of its New York City staff, and Paystand raises $20 million to give businesses a frictionless, open infrastructure option for commercial finance.

The End Comes for a 165-Year-Old Newspaper – The Montgomery Sentinel
Washington Post

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Steam Grew to Nearly 95M Monthly Active Users in 2019
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Netflix Plans to Use Animation to Challenge Disney Plus

Fair Is Ending Weekly Rental Program with Uber
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Beauty Retailer Birchbox Cuts Half of Its NYC Staff
Crain’s New York Business

How Literati’s Subscription Services Teaches Kids to Love Literature

Google Chrome Will Soon Block the Web’s Most Annoying Video Ads

Paystand Raises $20M to Give Businesses a Frictionless, Open Infrastructure for Finance
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