Weekly Subscription News: Data Platforms, DocuSign and Disney

Featuring ChartMogul, Boston Globe, Blue Apron and VMware

Weekly Subscription News: Data Platforms

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In this week’s subscription headlines, DocuSign acquires AI contract startup Seal Software for $188 million, ChartMogul launches the world’s first subscription data platform, and the Boston Globe see its fastest online subscriptions in years. Also this week, YouTube might let creators sell their own ads, Blue Apron might be acquired by a competitor, and Disney prepares to launch in U.K. with promotional annual pricing.

DocuSign Will Pay $188M to Acquire AI Contract Startup Seal Software

ChartMogul Launches World’s First Subscription Data Platform
MarTech Series

Online Subscriptions to the Boston Globe See Fastest Growth in Years
Boston Business Journal

Rival Meat Subscription Investor Wants to Purchase Blue Apron

YouTube Is Considering Letting Creators Sell Their Own Ads

VMware Exceeds $10B in Sales in FY 2020

Disney Plus Launches in the U.K. on March 24
Business Insider

New Editor for Chicago Tribune Named as Part of Newsroom Leadership Restructuring
Chicago Tribune