Weekly Subscription News: Suits, Spikes and Studios

Featuring Amazon, TikTok, Wall Street Journal, Hulu and Lizzo

In this week’s subscription news, we have lawsuits, subscription spikes and TV studios. TikTok is planning to sue the Trump administration over a possible ban of the short-form video platform, CNBC proposes that Netflix buy TikTok if Microsoft can’t make a deal, and the Wall Street Journal sees a 23% spike in digital-only subscriptions. Also, Lizzo signs a TV deal with Amazon Studios, Chatham Asset Management names a new chief executive at McClatchy as the company emerges from chapter 11 next month, and Hulu launches an annual subscription option for existing ad-supported subscribers.

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Amazon Ties Video Games Deeper into Prime Subscription Program

TikTok to Sue Trump Administration Over Ban

Wall Street Journal Sees 23% Spike in Digital-Only Subs
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Lizzo Signs First-Look TV Deal with Amazon Studios

Chatham Asset Management to Name Tony Hunter McClatchy’s Chief Executive
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