Better Digital Rights Management for Paid Content With Watermarking and ‘Lightweight’ DRM

Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is a major concern for all premium content publishers. But how do you balance the need to protect your content with customer satisfaction and user-friendly experiences? One way may be through watermarking. Recently installed in J.K Rowling's eBook collection, the technology lets the publisher "personalize" or watermark each purchase with the time of purchase and name of the purchaser. This then allows publishers to track any copyright infringement. But at the…

The One Critical Position Legacy Publications Should Create When Transitioning Online

With Newsweek bombing its digital transition, and The Washington Post demonstrating a decent, but not optimized, approach, it's worth discussing how legacy publications can make the transition to a digital world easier on themselves. One thing I'm noticing more and more is the creation of new roles, like NatGeo giving its Editor-in-Chief dominion over print and digital content. But while aligning digital and print is almost always a smart move, new media requires more innovation that…

5 Great Lessons from DataContent 2013

This past week, I had the privilege of speaking and attending DataContent 2013 in Philadelphia and hosted by SIIA and our parent company, InfoCommerce Group. There were lots of impressive subscription-driven database companies there, from Relationship Science and PrivCo to NetProspex and Buyer's Lab. There were also a host of non-subscription companies doing innovative things with data, from Brightscope to Circle Media. And there was lots to learn! Here's some of the event's best take-aways: #1. Know what…

Data With Backbone: NGP VAN

You may recall a political dust-up this summer when the Clinton campaign accused the Sanders campaign of gaining illicit access to its voter data. How was this even possible? Well, it all traces back to a private company called NGP VAN.
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Five on Friday: July 17, 2015

Insider Guide to New Product Development Diane Pierson talks about analyzing a competitor's "brand voice," use contests as engagement, how email still has the best marketing ROI, how the freelance economy helps startups, and why Fanduel is seeing monster success.

McClatchy Reinvents Itself as a Digital-First Media Company:5 Takeaways for Subscription Companies

Nine months ago, The McClatchy Company began a much-needed redesign, amounting to a complete "rethink" and transformation of the 158-year old company into a digital success story.

Another Kind of Data Harvesting

INSIDER Guide Russell Perkins reviews how businesses are applying farm data for their businesses and monetizing it many different ways.

10 Most Popular STATPACKS of 2018

Have you checked out our STATPACKS yet? They are editable PowerPoint reports with Subscription focusing in on key trends you should understand. Use STATPACKS charts and data for your market and budget planning, creating your business plan or even competitive analysis. Each STATPACK includes dozens of charts and analysis and - wow - have they been popular! Our most popular STATPACKS in 2018 included trend analysis on SVOD, Digital Coupons, Mobile App Monetization, B2B Marketing, Marketing Technology, Meal Kits, Online Search, Facebook, Streaming, and E-commerce.

Weekly Subscription News: iPhones, Earnings and EA Access

This has been an amazing week as we held our first three-day Subscription Show. That didnt stop the subscription news world though. Here are some of the latest subscription headlines: Sprout Social files to go public, Apple hinted at a subscription-based iPhone, and Zuoras stock is lacking. Also in the news, EA games are returning to stream, NBC might offer Peacock free, and Netflix is getting into the podcasting business.

Financial Times Chooses Mobile Over SEO for New Subscription Product. Should You?

In May, The Financial Times launched a new subscription product called fastFT, available to subscribers and registered users. But unlike most subscription content sites, FT decided to focus on going mobile first instead of optimizing for search. The new product provides breaking market-moving financial and political stories 24 hours a day, and FT was wise to focus on mobile since that's the sort of news consumers want to digest on their phones. More importantly, new data shows that one…

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