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It’s no secret that the most important thing you can do as a subscription merchant running your subscription, membership or recurring revenue business is keeping your paying customers happy and coming back for more – keep them renewing, that is!

That’s why customer retention is the lifeblood of subscription revenue and should be at the top of any priority list for any business operating in the subscription economy.

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What the Next Generation of Paid Mobile Apps Will Look Like

By Minal Bopaiah News and information publishers used to have it simple. You chose a medium and then published your information according to that medium's strengths. But nowadays, almost every major news or information publisher -- and some of the minor ones, too -- are multi-media companies. And the digital environment requires more innovation than just cross-platform adoption. For example, Dennis Publishing and Future PLC are looking to broaden their paid mobile apps, according to a recent article…
Five on Friday: Subpoenas, Social Media and the Supreme Court

Five on Friday: Subpoenas, Social Media and the Supreme Court

A Senate panel wants to subpoena tech CEOs, PYMNTS reports the latest subscription trends and Zenesys shares the best times to post to social.

How ExpertClick Increases Retention By Encouraging Member Activity

While membership and dating sites can be a great subscription revenue Model, they have their own unique challenges as well. One of those challenges is having high user engagement on the site. After all, your members are your content creators and the reason why new members join, so if no one's using the site, you're sure to go under.One way ExpertClick -- a membership site that connects journalists and topical experts -- motivates its members…

The dawn of the stay-at-home economy: Subscriptions are driving growth, but need flexibility to thrive

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected and disrupted life on so many different levels. One of these defining impacts is the call to stay at home, avoid large crowds and socially distance whenever possible. With Americans stuck indoors, they've been craving solutions to keep occupied. Subscription business models—a force before the pandemic—have thrived in the aftermath.

eBay and Shopify Announce New Partnership, Integrating Platforms

Last week eBay Inc. (NASDAQ: EBAY) and Shopify (NYSE: SHOP, TSX: SHOP) announced a new partnership, creating a new sales channel to expand merchant reach. In the fall of 2017, Shopify merchants will be able to list and sell their products on eBay directly from their Shopify accounts, giving them access to more than 169 million active eBay buyers. eBay also benefits with its shoppers getting additional products from Shopify merchants. The platform will first be available to merchants selling in the United States with the U.S. dollar as their currency.

Food Delivery Service UberEats Considers Subscription Service in U.K.

The only thing better than getting your favorite foods delivered right to your door is saving money while doing it. At least that's what UberEats in the U.K. is hoping. According to Business Insider, UberEats, a division of ridesharing company Uber, is considering adding a loyalty program to reward customers who subscribe to its delivery service. With such a subscription program, customers could save on UberEats delivery fees and get access to promotions and exclusive menus.

Carbonite Effectively Uses Supporting Copy Below CTA to Retain Subscribers

In its most recent renewal notice to subscribers, Carbonite uses three best practices. Find out what they are and swipe them for your next subscriber reminder...
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Subscription Insider is uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions.

Subscription Insider is uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions.
We deliver the information, training and research that subscription entrepreneurs, executives, and their teams need to support improved decision making, skills, and profitability.

Case Study Lessons: When Open-Access is a Great Marketing and Retention Tactic

I've previously written about how open-access laws in the UK and US are threatening some subscription site businesses, while other uses of open-access (such as after a natural disaster) can create great PR opportunities. But Vet Visuals International, a streaming video and e-learning site for veterinarians, is using open-access to build customer loyalty among students. Specifically, the site gives free access to any veterinarian student in their last two years of vet school. Publisher Andre Romjin said…
YouTube TV celebrates its third birthday with a 30% price hike in subscription fees.

YouTube TV Celebrates Third Birthday with 30% Price Hike in Subscription Fees

Streaming video service YouTube TV celebrates its third birthday with a 30% price hike in subscription fees, along with new content and features.

How Unlimited User Registration Can Increase Site License Retention and Revenues

Many digital publishers and subscription sites sell group subscriptions and site licenses based on the number of seats or users, which makes sense. But TV Sports Markets found a great retention and upsell tactic by choosing not to limit user registration based on the number of seats sold. Confusing? Let's walk you through their sales methodology. First, TV Sports Markets is a PDF publication covering the broadcast rights market for worldwide sporting events -- and it's available…

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