Weekly Subscription News: Facebook, Fraud and Fiction Riot

As you head into the holiday weekend, check out these subscription news headlines: NBC is considering an online TV service for 2019, a Chaska (Minnesota) call center duped 13,000 people into paying $10 million for magazine subscriptions, and CenturyLink forced Utah subscribers to watch ads before allowing them internet access. Also this week, we have headlines about former CBS executive Les Moonves, Fiction Riot's new platform and Tribune Publishing's deal (or lack thereof) with McClatchy.
Five on Friday: Events, Watches and Craft Subscriptions

Five on Friday: Events, Watches and Craft Subscriptions

The New Yorker to host live events, HBO Max raises $80M in ad revenue, and Breitling launches watch subscription.

Lionsgate Bails on Comic-Con HQ 18 Months After Launch

Not every niche provider of streaming video on-demand is having the success that WWE Network is. In fact, Lionsgate is bailing on Comic-Con HQ, about 18 months after it launched the ad-free subscription video app, reports Variety in an exclusive. Instead of selling video subscriptions, Lionsgate will license current content to other platforms like Amazon Channels, Roku and tubiTV, which are ad-supported. According to Variety, apps for the channel have been removed from Google and Apple's app stores, but consumers have not yet been notified.
HBO announces Launch of Ad-Supported Tier

HBO Max Has 8.6 Million U.S. Subscribers in 4 Months

Just four months after its launch, HBO Max has attracted 8.6 million U.S. subscribers, ahead of WarnerMedia's goal for the SVOD service.
D.C. Attorney General Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Amazon

Amazon Reports Net Sales of $108.5B, 44% Growth over Q1 2020

Amazon reports another outstanding quarter with total net sales of $108.5B, representing 44% growth year-over-year.
Samovar launches a unique meal plan subscription to isolated Bay area residents.

San Francisco Restaurant Launches Unique Meal Plan Subscription for Isolated Residents

San Francisco restaurant Samovar is meeting customers where they are – isolated at home under California’s “shelter in place” order. The restaurant...

Dollar Fine Art Hopes to Make Buying Art Easy and Affordable

Last week, Art Force made buying artwork easier and more affordable for organizations around the country. With a Dollar Fine Art subscription, companies can now purchase artwork with payments as low as $1 a day per piece, making it possible to own a quality piece of art within a years time. To date, the Minneapolis-based Art Force has provided more than 35,000 pieces of art in businesses and health care organizations around the country, inspiring the need for this new subscription service.

Kaplan Test Prep Partners with Cengage Unlimited Subscription

Last week, Kaplan Test Prep and Cengage announced a new partnership, bringing free test prep and live academic support to Cengage Unlimited subscribers. At the outset of the partnership, the test prep offerings include GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, DAT and Praxis. In addition, Cengage Unlimited subscribers will get free access to Kaplan's HelpSuite, giving them academic support for physics, chemistry and organic chemistry.

The New York Times Shares Impressive Numbers as It Looks Back at 2018

As one of the country's oldest and most respected news organizations, it isn't surprising that The New York Times touched millions - perhaps billions - of lives in 2018, but just how big was that impact? The Times published a report earlier this week, The Year in Numbers: 2018, to break it down and to show that a new generation of readers values quality journalism and is willing to pay for it. "This year, 4 million people decided that paying for our journalism was worth it. This number was celebrated as a milestone at The New York Times..."

Weekly Subscription News: Lapses, Shortfalls and Shopping Sprees

In this weeks subscription headlines, Apple introduces a grace period for lapsed app subscriptions, it looks like Quartz is going to lose money again this year, while Bloomberg Media plans to double subscriptions next year. Also, Salesforce.com continues its shopping spree, Google and Facebook are expanding their news initiatives, and Nintendo is going to allow Switch online subscription upgrades.

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