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Research and Benchmarks

Understanding the latest trends, research and benchmarks is key to know how to focus your subscription business and which opportunities to pursue. Leverage our analysis and statistics for your market and budget planning, creating your business plan, or even competitive analysis.

Here are some of our most popular & evergreen content focused on Research and Benchmarks:

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  • Subscription Fundamentals: RETENTION, with Robert Skrob.Learn the essentials and tactics of retention, including teaching you how to develop a membership growth plan, optimize your member’s journey, deliver what your subscriber truly wants, and a primer on how to track and measure it all for maximum profitability!
  • Subscription Fundamentals: PAYMENTS, with Melanie Stout. Learn about involuntary churn and the essentials of how recurring payments work, starting with basics and work through to sophisticated topics such as chargeback handling and KPI monitoring.
  • Subscription Show 2020 On-Demand with 77 sessions dedicated to the latest subscription economy trends and intel to help you grow your business.

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