Paywalls in the News: The Ups and Downs of Paywalls

Paywalls are in this week's subscription news headlines, including redesigned websites, metered paywalls and a possible merger. Irish Times paywall goes live July 29 In February, we reported the Irish Times was planning to implement a metered paywall, hoping to add a digital subscription base to its current revenue streams. That plan will become a reality effective July 29, says The Guardian. On that date, users will be able to read up to 10 articles before having…

Amazon Leases 40 Jets, Tests Drones to Meet Demand from Prime Members

In August, Amazon unveiled its first Prime Air cargo jet, a Boeing 767, as part of its new fleet of planes that will help online retailer Amazon meet its two-day shipping promise to Prime members, reports Recode. That fleet now includes 40 jets leased by, says Reuters in a new report. According to the report, the cargo planes are flying with nearly-full, lightweight loads to at least 10 U.S. airports including Seattle, Tampa and Charlotte. The cargo is then unloaded and distributed from nearby fulfillment centers and warehouses to Amazon customers. The report also said that because of Amazon's new planes, it is eating into business from FedExp and UPS. Amazon can now fly larger items, particularly bulky items, in its own planes.

Apple to Give Away $1 Billion in Original Programming through Digital TV App

Owners of iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs will get $1 billion in free original programming when Apple launches its forthcoming streaming video service, reports CNBC. Similar to the Amazon Channels marketplace, Apple will offer subscription channels for existing OTT services like Hulu and HBO Now through its updated digital TV app. Customers will be able to access all their paid channels through the Apple TV app. Sources say the new app will be available early next year, though Apple has not confirmed the launch date.
The New York Times Puts Wirecutter Behind Metered Paywall

The New York Times Puts Wirecutter Behind Metered Paywall

The New York Times Co. is putting its Wirecutter product review site behind a metered paywall.

Surfline Turns Weather Updates into a 7-Figure B2C Subscription Business

Surfline started out as a pay-per-call telephone service, providing surf conditions to surfing enthusiasts, but entered the Internet age in 1995 with live HD streams of surf breaks. Vice President of Subscriptions and Product Marketing George Roletter spoke to us about how Surfline has used A/B testing to get 30% of visitors who enter the trial funnel to convert. Plus, discover how this B2C site is able to retain up to 93% of subscribers!
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Zuora Launches RBM Connect to Support Subscription-Based Companies

Last week Zuora, a subscription billing, commerce and financial solutions company, announced the launch of RBM Connect, a relationship business management marketplace designed to help companies launch subscription businesses and to inspire innovation among them. Tien Tzuo, Zuora CEO, explains: "Companies such as Salesforce, Amazon, Netflix and Box heralded the shift to subscription-based business models, but today, companies in nearly every industry, including consumer goods, education, energy, financial services, healthcare, retail, and telecom, are looking for…

Nickelodeon Launches Noggin, A Video Subscription Service for Preschoolers

This Thursday Nickelodeon is launching Noggin, a kid-friendly, mobile, video subscription service for $5.99. Targeted at kids ages 2 to 6, the ad-free app will feature TV shows no longer available on Nick Jr. In addition to reruns of older shows like Blue's Clues, Noggin will offer educational videos featuring favorite characters like Moose A. Moose and Zee D Bird, Franklin the Turtle and Little Bear. Initially, the app will only be available for iOS, but…

Facebook and the Future of News: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

On Tuesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hosted an informal, one-hour Townhall Q&A online to get input from the online community. The session lasted nearly 90 minutes and included questions from a wide array of sources, including Stephen Hawking, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arianna Huffington, on everything from the future of news, the requirement of real names, and getting a job at Facebook. And, of course, there were completely irrelevant questions and spam along the way. For the…

Comcast Tests Data Usage Plans to Charge Customers for Overages

Just when you think cable companies can't get any greedier, they do. Comcast is experimenting with cell-phone-like data charges so it can charge overage fees, says GeekWire. Wait, what?!! Yes, you heard us right. Comcast wants even more of your hard-earned dollars for doing exactly what you're doing now - using the Internet. According to GeekWire, Comcast made the announcement to a targeted group last week, telling them that, as of October 1, they'd get stuck with…
The New York Times Puts Wirecutter Behind Metered Paywall

The New York Times Grows to More than 8M Subscribers

After the conclusion of the second quarter of 2021, The New York Times grew to more than 8 million subscribers, less than...

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