FTC Goes After AH Media Group for Fraudulent Subscription Practices

Last week, the Federal Trade Commission got a preliminary injunction against AH Media Group for fraudulent subscription practices, including free trial offers and negative option subscriptions. The preliminary injunction prevents AH Media from misrepresenting their free trial offers, enrolling them in subscriptions without permission, billing customers without permission, and making it very difficult for customers to cancel their subscriptions or get refunds.

AlarmForce Admits Wrongly Charging Subscribers Fees After Cancellation

Last week Toronto-based AlarmForce admitted that it had wrongfully charged residential subscribers in certain jurisdictions monitoring fees after they cancelled their service, but before they returned their equipment. The problem could go back as far as August 2013, and AlarmForce is jumping through hoops to try to correct the problem, including issuing refunds with interest retroactively to August 2013. The company has other problems including potential tax liabilities in the state of Florida, but CEO Graham Badun assured its board and customers that AlarmForce will get it right.

‘Dilbert’ Creator Scott Adams Jumps in with a Subscription Site for Scheduling

By Katherine Noyes New subscription sites arrive practically every day in the content-publishing world, and we here at Subscription Site Central do our best to let you know about any compelling new features or business ideas that pop up along the way. Every once in a while, though, we find ourselves powerless to resist a new site, and it's not always for some shockingly disruptive twist in its business proposition. Case in point? CalendarTree, a new venture…

Comcast Shrugs After Shedding 194,000 Cable Subscribers

The long decline in cable television subscriptions continued in 2014, according to yearly numbers released this week by Comcast. For the year, Comcast reported that it ended the year with 22.3 million cable television customers, a loss of 194,000 for the year. Despite this, it added 6,000 video customers in the fourth quarter. Ironically, the loss of 194,000 subscribers was the cable giant's best showing since 2007, when it peaked at around 25 million subscribers before…

GameStop to Launch Power Pass, a Pre-owned Game Rental Subscription

GameStop is launching Power Pass, an unlimited, pre-owned game rental subscription, reports The Verge. For $60 for six months, gamers can rent a used game at their local GameStop, enjoy unlimited play of that game, return it, and check out another game. Gamers can only rent one game at a time, however. Several sources have said that, at the end of a rental period, subscribers can keep the last game they checked out.

Medium Wants to Fix ‘Broken’ Media with a $5 Monthly Subscription

Last week Medium's CEO and co-founder Ev Williams invited readers to subscribe to a new and improved Medium for $5 a month. In exchange for a monthly subscription, Williams promised a better reading experience and even better content. For now, Medium is launching the subscription option to a limited number of readers "who meet certain criteria," but the company will be rolling out the program to everyone in the next few weeks.

Five on Friday: Referrals, Rules and Rankings

In this weeks Five on Friday, Cadillac rewards dealers for subscription referrals, the European Unions portability rules are now in effect, Bark Box plans to avoid standard subscription model problems, Convince and Convert shares must follow content optimization rules, and Google updates its core search engine ranking algorithm.
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Launch News: Slader.com Adopts Unique Subscription Model For Math Students

Remember how your algebra text book had the answer to half your homework problems in the back? And remember how you came across a problem where, even with the answer in hand, you couldn't figure out how to solve it? Well, here comes Slader.com to the rescue. The site has compiled step-by-step answers to the problems in some of the most popular high school textbooks, according to All Things D.  Most interesting to Paywall Times readers…

Match Group Attributes Revenue Increase to Subscriber Growth in Q2

This is a good time to be in the online dating business. Match Group (NASDAQ: MTCH) reported its second quarter financial results last week, including total revenue of $421 million, a 36 percent increase year-over-year. This increase was driven by 27 percent average subscriber growth and 8 percent growth in average revenue per user (ARPU). The company's Tinder dating app along grew by 299,000 new subscribers to 3.8 million at the end of the second quarter.

LinkedIn Makes $50 Million from Individual Subscriptions

LinkedIn posted its Q3 earnings recently and showed overall strong growth. The subscription and networking website generated $252 million in revenue, much of it from subscription products. Premium individual subscriptions accounted for $50 million, a small portion of overall revenues. However, the more B2B services -- Talent (Hiring) Solutions and Marketing Solutions -- generated $202 million. And these services include some subscription revenues. In addition, these number represent significant growth for the company. Premium subscription revenue grew by 74%…

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