This Week’s Subscription News: Apple, Amazon, Atlassian and ABC

Featuring Netflix, Sony, Microsoft and Apple Music

This Week’s Subscription News: Apple

Source: Bigstock Images and Subscription Insider

In this week’s subscription news, we learn that Facebook may want to help publishers to find subscribers, Atlassian launches a new subscription bundle that includes all of its developer tools, and Apple and Amazon may be ready to play nice, or are they? Also this week, Sony PlayStation 4 Sales are hot, the Netflix/ABC hacker promises more leaks in Hollywood, and Scalable Software doubles its recurring revenue and increases adoption by 80 percent. Here’s what else we’re reading this week.

Apple Music Still Aiming for 100 Million Subscribers
Guru Focus

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Atlassian Launches New Subscription Bundle That Includes All of Its Developer Tools
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Sony Sells More Than 60 Million PlayStation 4 Units Worldwide
Tech Times

Scalable Software Recurring Revenue Doubles, Adoption Up 80% Year Over Year

Netflix, ABC Hacker Promises More Leaks: “Hollywood Is Under Attack”
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Microsoft to Drop Support for Parature Customer-Service Offering by May 2018

Are Apple and Amazon Ready to Play Nice?