Chargebee Adds Email Notifications to Subscription Management Services

Subscription companies can use targeted, transactional emails to contact customers.

Subscription News: Chargebee Adds Email Notifications to Subscription Management Services

Source: Chargebee

Subscription management and recurring billing platform Chargebee has added email notifications to its offerings for subscription companies. With the new email notifications, companies that do recurring billing can contact their subscribers throughout the customer lifecycle about transactions such as reminders about auto-renewable subscriptions, credit card expiration dates, pending refunds, unpaid invoices, completed payments, abandoned shopping carts, upsells to a different subscription plan, and cancellations as well as specific calls to action.

Giving them more control over notifications, companies can segment their customer audiences and then personalize branded messages to better engage their subscribers. Customers can be segmented by region, subscription plan, free versus paid plans and other relevant categories.

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Subscription News: Chargebee Adds Email Notifications to Subscription Management Services

Source: Chargebee

Subscription companies that utilize the service can use a template, add their own branding, or send plain-text messages that are smartphone mobile-friendly. The system also comes with a simple text editor to add personalized fields, insert images, change headings and fonts, etc., and it allows companies to:

  • Customize email signatures
  • Important HTML
  • Add footer notes
  • Add social media links

Praveen Francis, director of design and UX for Chargebee, said that the new email notifications give recurring billing companies another way to engage customers with personalized content.

‘You can also treat it as a customer acquisition channel. We wanted to build the best email experience, so you don’t have to, and you will see that, with our transactional emails which are going to undergo several iterations of powerful improvements,’ Francis said in a press release.

Chargebee competes with similar providers like Zuora, Recurly and Chargify. It offers subscription management, billing invoicing, payments processing and reporting services, and it integrates with more than 50 payment gateways including Stripe, Braintree, Amazon Payments, Apple Pay and PayPal.

Insider Take:

These are great enhancements for Chargebee to offer its recurring billing customers. Such targeted emails can allow companies to handle subscription management, invoices and payments, and customer retention, which is critical to any subscription company’s success. They have made it seemingly easy for companies to target and personalize their emails to address specific needs, which include calls to action to prompt customers to do things like return to their abandoned shopping carts, update their credit card information or consider upgrading their plan. We are all for anything that makes a subscription company’s job easier, so they can focus on what they do best whether it is providing news content, the latest beauty box, or SaaS.