Weekly Subscription News: Phishing, Families and Free Subscriptions

Featuring Crowdstrike, Ranger Rick, Hulu, Starz and Playboy

Subscriptions continue to be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, some positively and others negatively. In the last week, Playboy and Sacramento News & Review suspend publishing, as Google suspends all future Chrome releases while they are operating with limited staff. In the meantime, Hulu adds ABC News’ live-streaming channel for all subscribers, and Ranger Rick offers free digital subscriptions to families, while Starz and Sling TV are offering free streaming to U.S. consumers are stuck at home.

Crowdstrike Reports a ‘Real Uptick in Phishing Campaigns’ During Coronavirus Crisis

Google Suspends All Chrome Releases Due to Adjusted Work Schedules
IT Pro

Ranger Rick Offers Families Free Digital Subscriptions

Hulu Adds ABC News’ Live-Streaming Channel for All Subscribers, Citing Coronavirus Crisis

‘Playboy,’ ‘Sacramento News & Review’ Suspend Publishing Due To COVID-19
Publishers Daily

Starz Offering Free Streaming Service Without Subscription

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Adds Extra In-game Content with New Perks
The Verge

Sling TV Rolls Out Free Streaming Service to U.S. Consumers Stuck at Home