Weekly Subscription News: Solar Power, Platforms and Peloton

Featuring Tesla, Sky Sports, Bango, Netflix and The Stranger

This week, some subscription business has continued as normal, while others has been a reaction to the coronavirus outbreak. In the business-as-usual category, Tesla is offering two months of free solar power with a subscription, Lee Enterprises completed its acquisition of BH Media Group, and Bango launches carrier billing services on 5G games streaming platform. In reaction to the pandemic, Sky Sports is allowing customers to pause their subscriptions, Peloton is offering a free 90-day subscription trial for at-home workouts, and Seattle’s The Stranger alt-newsweekly is laying off 18 staffers.

Tesla Gives 2 Months of Free Solar Power with Subscription Starting at $65 a Month

Sky Sports to Allow Customers to Pause Subscription During Coronavirus Disruption
The Telegraph

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Lee Enterprises Completes Acquisition of BH Media Group
NWI Times

Peloton Offers Free 90-day Subscription Trial for its At-home Workout App
The Verge

The Athletic Is Trying to Move Forward with Business as Usual
Awful Announcing

Bango Bounces as It Launches Carrier Billing Services on 5G Games Streaming Platform

Netflix Suspends All Scripted Productions in U.S., Canada

Seattle’s The Stranger Temporarily Lays Off 18 Employees
The Stranger