The biggest problem with membership and subscription programs is that your members quit. Robert Skrob can help you implement his 7-part membership subscription growth framework to help you stop your members from quitting, empowering you to meet and exceed your recurring revenue goals.

For more than two decades, Robert has helped hundreds of membership programs launch and then grow from start-ups to become some of the largest membership and subscription companies in the world. After beginning his career as the leading membership growth expert for nonprofits and political organizations, Robert pioneered monthly continuity subscriptions with for-profit membership and subscription programs in 2004. Robert’s profound understanding of what members ardently want from their membership relationships enables him to help you build connections with members that last for years. In a world where excessive churn rates are all too common and even accepted, Robert is able to transform subscription programs from what he calls “a series of one night stands” into long-term relationships. Robert is the author of five books on marketing published by Entrepreneur Press.

Robert earned a Master’s in Accountancy degree from Florida State University and became a Certified Public Accountant. Although he hasn’t practiced public accounting since 1993, he maintains his CPA license and fulfills its continuing education requirements out of deference to his mother, who wants him to keep his license so he has something “to fall back on in case this subscription marketing thing doesn’t work out.”

Robert and his wife, Kory, have two children. Their daughter, Samantha, attends Florida State University, and their son, Robert William, is a senior in high school. In his spare time, Robert runs and smokes Partagas #10 cigars, although rarely at the same time.

Twitter: @RobertSkrob


Copywriting for Customer Engagement, Retention, and Lower Churn

Copywriting is foundational to any sales process. Yet, few companies get it right and few understand it. Robert Skrob, Subscription Insider Guide to Membership Retention, walks through his formula for achieving more engagement, retention and lowering churn in your subscription or membership copy.

The 9 Steps of Successful New Subscriber Onboarding

Once your new member buys your subscription, your welcome sequence has two jobs. First, stop your member from canceling the sale and asking for a refund. Second, get him engaged so he’ll keep his subscription for years instead of months. While you’ve got to deliver what you promised in your sales materials, your new member welcome sequence must also be about reselling your customer on taking action. From Subscription Insider Guide to Member Retention, Robert Skrob, here are the 9 critical elements of any effective member welcome sequence.

New Study Shows Retention Equals Half of Subscription Revenue Growth

The Subscription Economy Index (SEI) by Zuora grabbed headlines by demonstrating subscription industry revenue is growing four times faster than the S&P 500. While this illustrates what we already knew within the subscription industry, there are a lot more revelations within the SEI report. Most notable is where the revenue growth is coming from. Robert Skrob, Subscription Insider Guide to Member Retention explains.

Leverage 3 Stages of Member Engagement to Cut Membership Churn in Half

When a new member joins your subscription service, publication, or association they go through a three-step process as they mature into (ideally) life-long customers. Robert Skrob, Subscription Insider Guide to Membership Retention, discusses how to cut membership churn in half by adapting your membership communications to leverage these three stages of a membership relationship.

34 Reasons Why Your Subscribers Quit and How to Stop It

Far too many efforts to reduce membership churn fail. Frankly, if you haven’t clearly outlined the problem, there’s no way you can devise an adequate solution. Robert Skrob, Subscription Insider Guide to Membership Retention, outlines 34 factors working against your membership business and what you can do to counter-act them.

How to Find Your Savior of Member Churn: Retention Manager Job Description

Who within your company is responsible for subscriber or member retention? All too often, there is no one. Robert Skrob, Subscription Insider Guide to Member Retention, wants you to focus on retention and hire this critical role. The job description outlined will be a key role in your organization and critical to your renewal success and profitability.