Paul Larsen, our Subscription Insider Guide to Payment Processing, is the Founder and Managing Partner of Paul Larsen Consulting LLC (PLC), a consulting company focused exclusively on payment processing. With over 500 clients, PLC's expertise is helping card-not-present businesses significantly improve their bottom line by both reducing costs and increasing customer retention through Survey and Audit, Process Optimization, Best Practices Application, Decline Prevention and Recovery, Chargeback Prevention and Resolution, Processor Selection, Contract Negotiations, and in-depth proprietary payments analytics.  

Paul founded PLC in 2004, after his decade-long stint as Director of Operations for Synapse Group, Inc., one of the world's largest magazine subscription companies. Paul is also a past Chairman of both the Direct Response Forum (DRF) and the Payment Processors Association and presents regularly at conferences such as CNP Expo, DRF, Direct Marketing Association and Merchant Risk Council.



Subscription Payment Trends Impacting Your Bottom Line in 2019

Learn subscription-specific payment trends that will eat into your profitability in 2019. The team at PLC, leading experts in "card-not-present recurring payments", will outline the key trends your business will need to stay on top of and the strategies you will need to implement in order to minimize their impact.

What you will learn:

Subscription payment trend data and impact on your profits from 2018.

Understand how those trends translate moving forward in 2019.

Tactics and best-practices subscription your business should employ to mitigate the negative impact on your profitability from these trends.

Payments and Profitability: Subscription Payment Trends Impacting Your Bottom Line

If you operate a subscription or membership business – regardless of subscription vertical, industry, consumer focus, or transaction volume – your revenue is impacted by payment trends and market dynamics happening right now. This on-demand online seminar will help you understand payment trends that will impact your business in 2018. it will also walk through the tactics and best-practices subscription merchants should employ to mitigate the negative impact on your profitability from these trends.

The State of Getting Paid (By Your Subscribers)

Like many subscription companies, you've probably seen an increase in credit and debit card declines, processing costs, and online fraud. These are just a few of the trends we've identified that are having a significant impact on your subscription business. Paul Larsen will review the latest payment processing trends impacting subscription businesses, and outline the key tactics and strategies to leverage and better manage your payment processing operations to avoid revenue loss.

CASE STUDY: How We Extend the Lifetime Value of Our Members

In this session, we will explore how LegalShield sets up and manage their revenue operations. We will also explore their best practices for invoicing, managing online and print renewal streams, revenue recovery from declined cards, how they work with Account Updater services (Visa and MasterCard) and American Express Refresher, and how they can recover payments even when no information is available through update services.

THE PROCESSOR PANEL: Alternative Payments for Recurring Billing

Your members and subscribers are using a wide variety of new payment methods such as mobile, PayPal, social and more for purchases. Should you consider adding those choices to your business? Which ones make sense? In this session, we will hear from the processors to understand what consumers and businesses are really using to pay for recurring. We will explore the trends and issues you need to ask yourself if you should add one or more alternative payment options to your shopping cart.

Top Payment Trends You Need to Understand Now

Have you seen a rise in declines or a rise in chargebacks or fraud? Are your renewals taking longer to successfully process? Do you understand why? Paul Larsen, Subscription Insider Guide to Payment Processing, leading expert in card-not-present recurring payments, and Managing Partner of the Paul Larsen Group, in this on-demand version of our January 2017 online seminar, will outline key payment processing trends every subscription company should be aware of, and be on top of, for 2017.

Top Five Payment-Processing Challenges in 2016

In this on-demand version of "Five Payment-Processing Challenges in 2016: How to Reduce Their Impact and Keep More of Your Recurring Revenue" you'll get details on the five biggest subscription payment-processing challenges and the and best practices you can use to mitigate the negative impact these trends could have on your bottom line.

Chip Cards: Don't Let a Good Thing Crush Your Bottom-line

In 2013 and 2014, more than 30% of all credit cards in the US were reissued due to fraud and major merchant customer databases being compromised (e.g. Target, Home Depot, Anthem and others). As a Card-Not-Present (CNP) merchant, we are sure you have been working hard to mitigate churn in your customers due to this. It's a big issue! Think updating 30% of your cards on file is a challenge? Think again, the biggest disruption is right here, right now. In this on-demand webinar, Paul Larsen, Founder and Managing Partner of PLC and our INSIDER Guide to Payment Processing, discusses why the “Chip” Credit Cards will completely upend your Card-not-presence business – and how your business needs to prepare for these changes.

Is EMV the Solution to Recurrent Data Breaches?

There has been a recurring theme over the past 12 months as major retailers across the U.S. are continually hit with malware attacks to their POS systems, compromising tens of millions of credit and debit cards, costing consumers and the industry hundreds of millions of dollars. Paul Larsen gives us an overview of EMV.