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Delivering Donations: How Nonprofits Can Use Subscription Marketing to Build Recurring Revenue

Giving Tuesday is a new holiday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, that encourages donations, especially online. Thatís a great way to inspire donors, but for continuing engagement that builds relationships and leads to recurring donations, treat charitable givers as do subscription companies -- build an ongoing relationship that provides value to donors and gives them the feeling that their donations are a value proposition.

Gift Subscriptions: A Growing Trend For 2017-2018

The subscription box industry is still growing, and publishers are shifting from an ad-revenue model to a new reliance on subscription. That makes this holiday season a prime time for customers to put gift subscriptions on their shopping lists.

Digital Subscription: Life Preserver or False Hope for the Newspaper Industry?

While newspaper advertising revenue continues to plummet, some in the industry are looking for a new proportion of subscription revenue to ad revenue. Thatís based on recent reports that digital subscriptions -- and digital revenue -- are on the rise. Add in continued confidence in newspapers, especially in an unsettled age of ďfake news,Ē and maybe, just maybe, a viable news business model is emerging.

SaaS 101: The Data Behind The Acronyms

$100 billion in global revenue is a big pie, and when you cut that pie into slices, itís a mess of alphabet soup inside. Hereís a look at CRM, SCM, ERP, HCM, and the rest of the letters that spell SaaS.

The Changing Face Of E-Book Publishing And Subscription Services

The future is bright for e-books. Market penetration is rising. Young people are embracing the medium. Indie publishers are embracing digital business models. But there are challenges that the industry has yet to resolve, and as a result, growth has stopped as the industry has reached a plateau.

How Subscription Streaming Services May Yet Save The Music Industry

Technology has overturned business models and revolutionized the way we enjoy music maybe more than it has any other form of entertainment. That revolution continues to shake up music makers and distributors. But the universal human yearning to listen means that opportunity will be there, somehow. The recording industry seems to be finding that opportunity in anywhere-anytime music, especially on a subscription basis.