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Netflix Explained: A Company in Possession of Good Fortune

With quarterly revenue nearing $4 billion and 130 million worldwide streaming subscribers and growing, Netflix nonetheless continues to attract criticism — and its volatile stock price reflects that. However, the story behind the data reveals that Netflix’s fundamentals are sound, and that the video-on-demand company with a track record of flexibility is headed in the right direction.

Effective Customer Service Is Quantized Customer Service

A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of effective customer service. But how do you know if you are delivering that? And what channels -- phone, email, chat, social media, etc. -- should you emphasize? How about innovations like chatbots, intelligent agents, and other automated systems?

Measuring customer service breaks down into two general areas: satisfaction metrics based on customer attitudes and performance metrics based on support staff behavior. …

Artificial Intelligence: Slipping Into Everyday Life and Subscription Businesses

Today, artificial intelligence generates $7.3 billion in direct revenue, and drives $1.2 billion in related business. That is only going to grow ... maybe tenfold by 2025. And while we’ve all heard about the implications for a robot apocalypse, the reality is that AI is being used right now by financial firms to decrease both fraud and customer loss through card declines.

Cleaning Up With Car Wash Memberships

As a mature market full of established business owners, the car wash industry has only lately moved to subscription offerings. However, as operators learn that their fears in offering unlimited service are mostly unfounded, many are embracing a new way to monetize customers.

Sorry Not Sorry: How Piracy Affects Streaming Subscription Services

The entertainment industry has been complaining for years about its staggering losses due to piracy. However, even as the video, game, and music industries have evolved toward subscription and streaming business models, they continue to generate significant profits. Media firms still say that rampant thievery is costing them billions -- over $50 billion in 2017! Where’s the resolution to this conundrum?

The Freemium Road to Revenue: How to Grow by Giving Away Your Service

LinkedIn, Slack, DropBox, Pandora, Spotify, and just about every mobile video game are generating revenue despite a business model that includes most of their customers using their services for free. Clever developers and content producers have learned that attracting A LOT OF customers can be as important as attracting PAYING customers. And the most clever are finding innovative ways to derive real value from the users who pay nothing at all.