Diane is a contributor to Subscription Insider focused on product development issues and our Five on Friday column.

Diane is a product management and marketing leader who drives revenue by helping her clients find new revenue streams, scale promising launches and jumpstart stalled products.  She does this by engaging teams to prioritize projects based on market opportunity, plan to achieve a strong launch and work together to achieve results.  She helps businesses eliminate wasted cycles while enabling market-driven action and providing a really good eye for opportunity. 

During her career in product management and marketing, Diane delivered over $100 million in revenue to information services, SaaS and STM publishing companies including Dun & Bradstreet, LexisNexis, American Lawyer Media and Copyright Clearance Center.  Her efforts were recognized with numerous CODiE and MarCom awards and more than one appearance in KM World's List of Trend-Setting Products.  She globalized, rebranded, launched, expanded and sunset many complex product suites with teams of new and veteran employees.  As a result, Diane identified common roadblocks to product success – and revenue - and crafted methods to address them.  

Today, Diane is an authority in product innovation and scale. She is the Managing Principal of Wheels-Up Innovation, a contractor/consultancy enabling new product development that delivers powerful, scaleable growth. She speaks at and moderates industry events and consults in the publishing, legal, information and SaaS industries.  

Diane has a BA in English from Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI and an MBA from DeSales University, Center Valley, PA.  Diane and her husband, Tom, live in Austin, TX.

Email: dpierson@subscriptioninsider.com
Website: www.subscriptioninsider.com
Twitter: @subinsider


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