Weekly Subscription News: Tracks, Tiers and Textbooks

Featuring Chase, Noom, SoundCloud, DoorDash and Luminary

Weekly Subscription News for Jan. 25

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Tracks, tiers and textbooks top the subscription news headlines this week. Cengage launches a $69.99-per-semester subscription tier for students who cant afford or dont need Cengage Unlimited; SoundCloud, now boasting more than 200 million tracks, hits revenue over $200 million; and The Daily Telegraph ditches circulation audits to focus on subscribers first. Also this week, Chase offers DoorDashs DashPass as an incentive to credit card customers, Noom quadruples revenue (again), and Luminary drops its price to lure more content and subscribers.

The Daily Telegraph Ditches ABC Circulation Audits to Focus on Subscribers First

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Chase Offers Complimentary DoorDash DashPass Subscription

Cengage Launches $69.99 per Semester Subscription Tier as Alternative to Cengage Unlimited

Weight Loss App Noom Quadruples Revenue Again to $237 Million

SoundCloud, with More Than 200M Tracks on its Platform, Saw 12-Monthly Revenues Top $200M Last Year
Music Business Worldwide

Netflix Spending on Content Set to Climb Past $17B in 2020, Analyst Expects

Facebook Backs Off on Plan to Bring Ads to WhatsApp
Social Media Today

Luminary Lowers its Controversial Podcast Fee to $4.99 from $7.99 Monthly
The Verge