Weekly Subscription News: Luminary, Launches and Free Loot

Featuring Amazon, Spot, DC Comics, Twitch and GoCardless

Weekly Subscription News: Luminary

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The subscription world was a little quieter this week, but there is still plenty of interesting news to be had. Amazon waves its mobile game flag to give free loot to Prime subscribers, Spot gives subscription injury insurance a shot, and Luminary announces new titles in its fall line-up. Also this week, Twitch acquires Internet Gaming Database, GoCardless comes to the U.S., and Spotify revamps its app for artists.

Amazon Waves Mobile Game Flag with Free Loot for Prime Subscribers

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Luminary Unveils New Podcasts for Fall Lineup
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Twitch Acquires Internet Gaming Database

McClatchy to Drive Subscriptions Through New Nationwide Opinion Initiative
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A New Subscription Payments Player Enters the U.S. – GoCardless
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Spotifys App for Artists Gets a Big Revamp, Adds Real-Time Stats