Weekday Lunch Subscription Service MealPass Launches in Boston & Miami

Add lunchtime variety with a $99 monthly subscription

Subscription News: Weekday Lunch Subscription Service MealPass Launches in Boston & Miami

Source: MealPass

Tired of the same weekday lunches? If you live in Boston or Miami, MealPass is about to change all that. For a monthly fee of $99, you can subscribe to MealPass to add a little lunchtime variety while trying new (to you) restaurants and supporting local businesses. The service launched in Miami last week and in Boston Wednesday, reports BostonInno.

MealPass was founded by Mary Biggins, one of the co-founders of ClassPass, and Katie Ghelli, who wanted to break up the workday with a tasty, affordable meal.

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“My co-founder and I were thinking of ideas for a startup and it came to us while we were at a Whole Foods,” Biggins told Olivia Vanni of BostonInno. “Walking into a Whole Foods, people have so many different quick and good quality options available to them.”

Here’s how it works. For less than $5 per day, subscribers can choose a weekday lunch from one of more than 50 highly curated restaurants. The restaurants prepare a meal specifically for subscribers that can be picked up for that day’s lunch. No line or extra cash required. Restaurants include Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, Batch Gastropub, El Taco Loco and Fit 2 Go in Miami and Al Capone’s, Gourmet Indian, Paddy O’s and Saladworks in Boston.

Subscription News: Weekday Lunch Subscription Service MealPass Launches in Boston & Miami

Source: MealPass

Since Biggins is from the Boston area, that city was a natural fit, especially since MealPass’s focus in Boston is in one neighborhood – downtown Boston and the financial district where there is a prime audience of workers eager for something new and different.

“There are so many restaurants and people generally walk the way they usually walk, following the same path every day,” Biggins told BostonInno. “We’d show them that if they take a different route, they’ll discover new options for food.”

Insider Take:

What can we say? We love, love, love this idea! We’re hungry just thinking about it, and the price tag is a bargain at less than $5 a day! You can hardly get a sandwich for that price.

Not only do we love the innovation of MealPass, and Biggins’ ability to springboard from ClassPass’s success to a new project, but we love that the subscription model fits the concept so nicely and everybody is a winner. Local restaurants get exposure to new audiences, subscribers get to try restaurants and food they might not know about, and MealPass gets the opportunity to bring them together.

This is an exciting idea that we hope really takes off. We just might have to subscribe to check out those Boston eateries!