Tablet Naysayers! Sesame Street Tells You Why Your Future Depends on Tablets

There’s a lot of mixed messages floating around about tablets.GigaOm just published an article “Why tablet magazines are a failure,” in which the author denounces tablet apps as a profitable platform. His numbers sort of back up his claim, although a recent article on Canadian newspaper La Presse and its decision to invest in tablets gives a curt reply to GigaOm: Tablets are an investment in long-term growth, not a quick fix to declining ad dollars.But here’s the ONE statistic that you need to know to justify pursuing a viable tablet edition of your content: Nearly half of Sesame Street’s audience uses tablet and mobile devices to access clips of Elmo, Big Bird and other Sesame Street characters.While you may not be competing in the children’s educational media marketplace (and if you are, you should read our previous post on designing content for children), this is still a vital statistic to keep in mind.That’s because it indicates that an entire generation is growing up without print or television as established and go-to media forms. Within 10 years, the current generation will be consuming most of its entertainment and education via digital devices, and within 20, they’ll also be going to the same digital devices for news and professional information.Of course, within 20 years there are likely to be many more disruptions to the media industry. But as Jeff Bezos recently stated, “All businesses need to be young forever. If your customer base ages with you, you’re Woolworth’s.”Image (c) meedanphotos, via flickr.

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