STATPACK: Influencer Marketing Trends 2019

Globally, brands have increased their Influencer Marketing budgets by 39%. And, no wonder. The impact of influencers on global consumer purchasing is growing, with 20% to 30% of their respective audiences/followers purchasing a product. Have you ever thought of using Influencers? Do you have the confidence that an Influencer program could yield the right ROI for your subscription business?In this STATPACK focused on Influencer Marketing trends, you will learn how companies are leveraging Influencers, why they are using them, how they compensate and how effective they are, including:
Spending and budgeting trends of Influencer Marketing.
Strategies and tactics trends of Influencer Marketing.
Instagram Influencer Marketing trends.
YouTube and video Influencer Marketing trends.
Fashion, cosmetic & luxury Influencer Marketing trends.
Consumer perception trends of Influencer Marketing.
This STATPACK is 91 pages, editable, with 39 updated and detailed charts with reference information for your research and citations. Check out the detailed table of contents below.
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Subscription Insider is uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions.
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