Mesh Network Provider Eero Launches New Secure Subscription

For $2.99 a month, customers can add digital security and parental controls.

Mesh Network Provider Eero Launches New ‘Secure’ Subscription

Source: Eero

Eero, the Amazon-owned mesh networking company, announced the launch of a new subscription product Tuesday – Eero Secure. For $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year, subscribers receive advanced security for all devices – computers, phones, tablets, smart home devices – connected to their home WiFi network. The digital security features protect devices from online threats, such as malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. Eero Secure also blocks ads.

According to the company announcement, Secure analyzes more than 12 billion daily website visits to be able to protect its subscribers against internet threats. Eero instantaneously updates its database when subscribers visit websites that Eero hasnt logged before to be sure they are safe.

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While all Eero customers can create Family Profiles where subscribers can manage devices, set schedules and pause internet access, Secure offers content filtering. Parents can filter out adult, illegal and violent content for profiles within the subscribers home network. The Secure parental controls filter new content in real time.

Mesh Network Provider Eero Launches New ‘Secure’ Subscription

Source: Eero

New Eero customers with an Eero WiFi system receive 30 days of Eero Secure service for free. After that, they can go to to subscribe. Android users can also enroll in the service through the Eero app.

Eeros previous subscription offering, Eero Plus, is still available but it has been renamed Eero Secure+. This subscription service offers all the features of Eero Secure plus password manager (1Password), endpoint virus (MalwareBytes) and a VPN ( The price for Secure+ is the same as Plus – $9.99 per month or $99 a year.

Both subscription services offer ad blocking, an activity center to see how devices are doing on the network, and weekly insights. The activity center and weekly insights show users with devices use the network the most, what threat categories and number of threats have been protected against, and usage by profile.

The Eero mesh network optimizes WiFi in their customers homes and can be set up within 10 minutes, according to the companys website. To set up the system, plus an Eero device into your WiFi modem and use the app and place additional devices around your home to complete set up. The Eero Beacon is recommended for a 1,000-foot home; it runs $149. The Eero Pro covers 1,500 feet and is priced at $199. Discounted prices are available for devices bought in combination, and all devices can be purchased on Amazon.

Mesh Network Provider Eero Launches ‘Secure’ Subscription Service

Source: Eero

In March, Eero announced that it had been acquired by Amazon, after five years in business.

With a shared relentless focus on customers, our new home within Amazon is the perfect fit. We now have the resources and opportunities to improve existing products through more frequent software updates, to launch new products and services, and to expand globally in the years to come. Amazon understands the importance of great connectivity for all the devices in our home, and were excited to be able to learn from each other as we continue to invent the future of the home, said Eero in a March 12, 2019 blog post.

Insider Take:

As Eero noted in their March blog post, the acquisition provided Eero with the resources the company needed to scale its business and to add new products and features. With a limited product line-up, it makes sense to focus on features first, and adding another modestly-priced subscription was a good choice. It is also a key starting point for new Eero customers who may not want the full-meal deal offered by the more expensive Secure +. The lower cost of the Secure subscription may reduce some barriers to entry while still offering attractive features and benefits.