Mercato Launches Free Same-Day Grocery Delivery from Local Grocers

Independent grocers can now compete with larger grocery delivery services.

Mercato Launches Free Same-Day Grocery Delivery from Local Grocers

Source: Mercato

Mercato, an online eCommerce platform for independent grocers and specialty food stores, is leveling the playing field for grocery delivery. The company just launched Mercato Green, a membership service that offers unlimited, free, same-day grocery delivery from more than 750 independently-owned food retailers like Green Grocer in Chicago, Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Windmill Farms in San Diego, Lifethyme Market in New York City, and the Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles.

Available in more than 25 states across the U.S., Mercato Green offers two membership plans. For $8 a month, billed annually, the Neighborhood plan gives members free grocery delivery from stores within a three-mile radius. For $23 a month, the City plan extends to a ten-mile radius. Both plans offer a 14-day free trial. Minimum orders vary by store, and the number of stores in each market also varies. For example, in Chicago, these are the available options:

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Mercato Launches Free Same-Day Grocery Delivery from Local Grocers

Source: Mercato

Were making local grocery delivery more accessible to everyone, said Bobby Brannigan, Mercato Mercato founder and CEO. We all lead busy lives and time is often our most constrained resource. A simple trip to the grocery store can take an hour, or more, and many people go multiple times a week. Mercato Green helps reduce the time people spend on grocery shopping and increases access to these great stores. Since the monthly cost of the program is around the price of a single grocery delivery, its a great value as well.

To enroll, shoppers can to go online. They then put in their zip code, find their favorites including specialty stores, meat markets, fish and seafood markets and other independent grocers, and place their orders online. Most orders are delivered the same day within an hour or two.

As an added membership perk, for every order placed, Mercato will plant a tree through a partnership with the Eden Reforestation Projects to help reduce their carbon footprint.

We’re committed to giving back to the community and environment. For every purchase you make with the Mercato Green subscription program, we will donate a tree to the Eden Reforestation Organization to support healthier, cleaner communities around the world and take care of our beautiful planet, says Mercato on its website.

Insider Take:

By 2021, the online grocery market is expected to be $29.7 billion. While Mercato is not likely to take a significant portion of that, this membership provides independent groceries and specialty food markets with an opportunity to make their wares available to a wider audience. It also helps them to compete with the likes of Amazon Fresh, Walmarts new grocery delivery service, Safeway and other large retailers who can more easily do large-scale grocery delivery. This is a great example of how the subscription business model makes an opportunity possible for businesses that would not otherwise be able to do on their own.