Lyft Launches New Membership Program Lyft Pink for Frequent Users

Preferred pricing for riders who use Lyft 2+ times a week

Lyft Launches New Membership Program ‘Lyft Pink’ for Frequent Users

Source: Lyft

With its new membership program, Lyft Pink, the ride-sharing service is advancing its mission to change how people think about transportation. Lyft wants people to stop thinking about cars as something to own, but as something they use as a service instead. Ideal for riders who use Lyft two or more times per week, Lyft Pink is a better way to ride, says the ride-sharing company, rewarding frequent users with preferred pricing and other perks.

Lyft is committed to improving peoples lives with the worlds best transportation. We believe cities should be built for and around people, not cars – that means fundamentally changing the way people think about getting around their cities. Were shifting from personal car ownership and moving society toward transportation as a service – and Lyft Pink is one step in that shift, says Lyft in an October 29 blog post.

For $19.99 a month, plus applicable taxes, Lyft Pink riders get the following:

  • Lyft Launches New Membership Program ‘Lyft Pink’ for Frequent Users

    Source: Lyft

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  • The discount can be combined with other credits, but not with other percentage-off or dollar-off promotions.
  • Lyft Pink will work with scheduled rides. The discount is applied in the Rate & Pay screen.
  • Priority airport pickups, even when it is busy (does not apply in airports where Fast Match is available, including PDX, MDW, SAN and LGA). Faster pickups are not guaranteed.
  • Relaxed cancellations – three cancellation fees per month are covered when you cancel or rebook a ride within 15 minutes.
  • Seasonal discounts, premium mode discounts, partnership offers and other and exclusive savings
  • Waived lost and found fees
  • Three free 30-minute bike or scooter rides per month, where available and for a limited time only. Rides must be booked in the Lyft app.

Like many subscriptions, Lyft Pink has an auto-renewal feature, though members can cancel anytime within the app. They can also pause their membership one per billing month for up to 12 weeks. Being a Lyft Pink member does not impact how much a driver is paid, but it does not cover tips. Those are charged separately. Lyft reserves the right to add, remove or change perks and discounts over time.

Lyft Pink, which is coming soon is in addition to the companys All-Access subscription plan which gives users 30 Lyft rides per month for $299. The rider is also charged for any rides that exceed $15 each, so this plan can be rather pricey and not feasible for a lot of riders. Riders who want to know when Lyft Pink is available in their area can sign up on the Lyft website.

Lyft Launches New Membership Program ‘Lyft Pink’ for Frequent Users

Source: Lyft

Insider Take:

Though they have other competitors, Uber and Lyft are perhaps the best-known ride sharing services. Digital Trends rated them last week and determined that Lyft was the overall winner between the two services, though Uber did take top rating in a couple of categories (passenger experience, where to find a ride). This is, of course, a personal preference, but price, user experience and perks are all part of the package. We see Lyft Pink as a more palatable – and more affordable – alternative to Lyfts All-Access Plan which is simply too expensive to be worthwhile to most riders. We see it as Lyft membership light.