Don’t Just Segment Your Customers, Segment Your Customer Service Teams

Smart subscription marketers are constantly talking about the importance of segmentation — whether it’s email lists or subscribers. And segmentation is important for hitting your prospects with the right offer at the right time and for skillfully waking up those “sleeper” accounts.But what about segmenting your customer service teams?That’s what The Financial Times is doing. FT’s executive vice president Jocelyn Cripps, a speaker at the Media Marketing Strategies conference (just click on that ad to the right for more info), told MediaBriefing how FT allows its customer service team to play to their own individual strengths by segmenting them as well. Right now, they have three main teams — one focused on sales, another on customer care, and another to tackle the nuts and bolts of payment failure.Of course, FT’s customer service doesn’t just rely on this division of labor. Customer service for the FT begins at sign-up, as it should for every subscription site. Tying data on how people use your site will make conversion and retention easier, says Cripps. This is the advantage of digital content over print — you get far more data on how subscribers interact with your content, which, thereby, allows you to customize retention efforts.

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