VISA, PLC, Worldpay, Agora Financial, OPEXEngine, Membership Services, FieldFisher, Rebilly, Subscription Systems to Speak at Subscription Show 2019

Boston, MA – Subscription Insider, an independent media company focused on the business of subscriptions announced todaynew speakers discussing the latest on subscription-centric strategy, recurring payments, acquisition, retention, analytics and subscription technology at Subscription Show 2019.

Speakers include experts from VISA, PLC, Worldpay, Agora Financial, OPEXEngine, Membership Services, FieldFisher, Rebilly, Subscription Systems and more.

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Fireside Chat: A Conversation with VISA

Track: Recurring Payment Success

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Speakers: Sebastien Verreault, Visa and
Melanie Stout, PLC

Now is your rare opportunity to have a direct conversation with Visa. We will discuss Visa Claims Resolution (VCR)/disputes, Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI), the future of tokenization, Real-time Account Updater, and open the floor to merchants to ask questions directly.

How We Generated 1,087,782 New Subscribers In 3 years

Track: Subscriber Acquisition

Speaker: Joe Schriefer, Agora Financial

Using online marketing, lead generation, video sales letters, affiliate programs and retargeting, Agora Finance grossed nearly of a billion dollars in annual revenue in just three years. This session will reveal the marketing systems and sales processes you can use to grow your own subscription revenue.

When Its Time to Break Up with a Subscriber: Accounting for Cost When Managing Involuntary Churn

Track: Subscription Analytics

Speaker: Edi Agbenyeke, Worldpay

Involuntary customer churn is the silent scourge of recurring revenue streams. At this session, attendees will learn: How to improve profitability by looking beyond revenue alone. How the costs of delinquency factor into involuntary churn decisions. How to manage involuntary churn profitably with a strategy that looks beyond the expected revenue stream from a recovered decline to also consider the marginal costs of keeping delinquent accounts active.

Valuing Your Recurring Revenue Business: Metrics that Matter

Track: Business Strategy

Speaker: Lauren Kelley, OPEXEngine

What are the critical metrics to track at different stages of growth? What do investors and acquirers value most, when evaluating a potential business? How do you know if your business is performing on track, and on track to what? In Is this session, Lauren Kelley, CEO of OPEX Engine will explain what and why certain metrics are driving valuations and explore key B2B operational trends she is seeing with the hundreds of SaaS companies that OPEXEngine benchmarks every year.

Subscription Industry On-Boarding Profit Models

Track: Subscriber Onboarding

Speaker: Robert Skrob, Membership Services

This session will peel back the financial curtain to illustrate how publishers, digital access, SaaS, membership sites and subscription box companies operate financially. And, most importantly, how you can borrow ideas from other subscription models to drastically increase revenue without changing the number of new customers you acquire. The session includes the cash flow calculations you need to determine how much to spend on marketing to maximize recurring revenue growth without running out of cash.

Data Privacy and Your Subscription Product

Track: Product Strategy

Speakers: Felicity Fisher, FieldFisher, Lisa B. Dubrow, Esq. and Adam Altman, Rebilly

With GDPR and new regulations passed and in development across the US, data privacy is the new normal for subscription companies to build into their business, not only in marketing programs, but throughout their products and user experience. In this session, we will discuss the current state of data privacy and discuss how to plan for and address the key compliance requirements to help stay out of trouble, keep up with your peers, and address customer expectations in an ever-evolving space. We will provide practical insights, learnings and recommendations to help those starting out or continuing on their data privacy journey.

Understanding SubTech: Why the Subscription Business is Different that E-commerce and Retail

Track: Subscription Technology

Presenter: Kim Terry, Subscription Systems

The subscription technology “stack’, or “SubTech”, is very different from e-commerce and retail. Subscription companies who do not understand these differences will experience the consequences of poor choices made to power their businesses. During this session, we will review how and why technology needs to be subscription-centric from payments, subscriber management to marketing.

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