Subscription Insider Announces Subscription Show 2019 Advisory Board

Leading Experts To Shape Program And Address Key Issues Facing Subscription Businesses

Boston, MA – Subscription Insider, an independent media company focused on the business of subscriptions and the industry’s leading source for subscription-focused news, how-to information, training, and research, announced today the Advisory Board for its new industry conference, Subscription Show 2019. Subscription Show 2019, an industry conference focused on the business of subscriptions, will be hosted at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA, Nov. 4-6, 2019.

I am honored to be working with such a diverse and talented group of individuals, said Kathy Greenler Sexton, CEO of Subscription Insider. Our Advisory Board provides expert insight and informed perspectives to ensure Subscription Show 2019 is relevant and valuable. Each Board member is a leading authority in their respective discipline, bringing a unique understanding of current issues faced by subscription businesses. Their mission is to shape the program so it addresses the right issues, through the right sessions, for attendees at Subscription Show 2019.

The Subscription Show 2019 Advisory Board:

  • Robbie Kellman Baxter, Author and Strategy Consultant, Peninsula Strategies
  • Matt Cronin, Founding Partner, House Of Kaizen
  • Kevin Cancilla, Head of Global Marketing, Vindicia
  • Lisa B. Dubrow, Esq., Attorney
  • Clive Henry, Partnerships & Alliances Lead, Adobe
  • Jeff Kaplan, Managing Director, Thinkstrategies
  • Barbara Weckstein Kaplowitz, President, Big Huge Ideas
  • Matt Mitchell, Advisor at Pluto TV, Advisor at Stealth, Advisor & Investor
  • Kevin Novak, CEO, 2040 Digital
  • Denice Sakakeeny, Principal Consultant, Denice Sakakeeny & Associates
  • Robert Skrob, President, Membership Services, Inc.
  • Melanie Stout, Partner, PLC
  • Kim Terry, CEO, Subscription Systems

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Also announced today: Subscription Insider Announces Subscription Show 2019

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Subscription Show 2019 is produced by Subscription Insider, a media company focused on the business of subscriptions, and the industry’s leading source for subscription-focused news, how-to information, training, and research. Learn more at:

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