PRSA, Measurable SEO, WCAPRA and Sublytics to speak at Subscription Show 2019

Boston, MA – Subscription Insider, an independent media company focused on the business of subscriptions, announced new speakers discussing the latest on subscription-centric acquisition, technology, subscriber acquisition and onboarding at Subscription Show 2019.

Subscription Show 2019features actionable strategies, data, and educational, non-salesy content. The new speakers represent PRSA, Measurable SEO, WCAPRA and Sublytics.

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PRSA Case Study: How We Achieved Year-over-year Growth With Our On-Boarding Program

Track: Subscriber Onboarding

In this case study, Torry Burdick, the CMO of the Publis Relations Society of America (PRSA) with Barbara Kaplowitz, founder of Big Huge Ideas, will share how PRSA has achieved year-over-year growth with changes in their program. Torry will share how they have continually updated their onboarding program and results, numbers and examples to share.

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Paywalls, Meters and SEO: How To Get Gated Content Highly Ranked By Google

Track: Subscriber Acquisition

Your content and information is highly-valued by your subscribers, but how are you achieve top rankings in Google since it is behind your metered or hard paywall? Quality content, a well-defined keyword strategy and a solid technical setup can position you at the top of search results, driving traffic that converts to your site. In this session, Chuck Price of Measurable SEO will brief you on the latest Google updates and their potential impact on subscription companies, present case studies. and discuss key issues specific to paywalls and SEO.

A Topography of Payments Technology

Track: Subscription Technology

Most people think processing a payment is very simple. However, following a transaction along its path it becomes very apparent that many systems, networks, and players are involved. This advanced workshop with Nick Fredrick of Rebar Technology (a W. Capra Company) will explore the lifecycle associated with these transactions. With a specific focus on CNP transactions (both one-time and recurring) well examine the rails a typical transaction may transverse and the various ecosystem players who each add a key piece of value. Standard terminology and the types of service providers who play (and overlap) in each space will be covered including e-commerce/subscription platforms, acquirers, gateways, fraud screening, settlement, reporting and others.

Why LTV is the Most Important Metric In The Subscription Economy

Track: Subscription Analytics

Lifetime Value (LTV) is the most important metric in the subscription economy. Many companies discuss its importance, but only few have mastered its application to maximize profitability and scale in their business. During this discussion, Walter Long of Sublytics will touch on the attributes of LTV which include data points that start from the beginning of the customers journey from their very first click. Rather than operating your marketing efforts under the premise of Im looking to acquire more customers, we will show you what you need to focus on to change your strategy to I need to identify where my most profitable customers originate so I can acquire more of them.

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