Total US Online Content Subscription Sales 2009

Estimates are Subscription Site Insider's own based on weeks of research. We are *conservative* in our numbers, so it's fairly safe to say this is the low end of the possible scale. This does not include:

    • single-item content sales (such as an iTunes purchase.)
    • additional revenue streams subscription sites also make money from (such as ads sold or branded event tickets.)
    • non-content subscription purchases (such as SaaS, apps, or Internet access.)When we say “content”, we include text, video, audio, games, images… anything you might consider media and/or entertainment.

Yes, user-generated content is included, if people buy subscriptions to it (consider most dating sites!) When we say “subscription” we mean an account that's sold on a renewable or recurring (automated) billing basis. It might be a membership site with content or a subscription service to access content. (These are basically the same thing anyway.)

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