Subscription Publishers – Should Your Staff Be Mainly Virtual or Mainly In-Office?

According to a survey run on the SIPA site for the past 70 days, the 81 respondents mainly broke into two distinctive clumps. 30% of respondents work for a publishing company that’s mainly virtual with 75-100% of staff working outside formal offices. 55% of respondents said their company is not virtual with 0-24% of staff working outside the main offices. The vast majority – nearly 100% – of SIPA members have a primarily subscription-based business model.In my experience, virtual team success depends on experience. I usually only hire people for virtual work who already have experience of virtual work — because I’ve been burned by too many “I’m sure I’d love it” newbies in the past. Also, only experienced-in-their-craft teams tend to work well. If you are strategically building an organization that will have significant future growth with high profit margins, you may decide to staff up with a bunch of cheap inexperienced workers who your fewer, experienced staff train and manage. That business model, with a flock of cheap newbies surrounding each experienced expensive worker, pretty much requires in-house staff.