Reed Business Info (RBI) Contacts At Long Last Returning Would-be Acquirers’ Emails

As the comment storm sparked by Folio's story wondering if RBI ever meant to sell the magazines it's shuttered this month indicates, several publishers have wanted to buy RBI titles. But their emails and/or calls weren't returned.I'm one of them. And I know several more who've reached out to me personally, as well as several who complained on other private industry email discussion groups.The flurry of handraising makes me wonder if this was all a clever tactic on RBI's part to raise awareness and competitiveness among buyers for the titles they're shuttering. Intended or not, it's sure working.Happily all of this attention has helped in one key way — officials at RBI are at last communicating with the outside world about selling the titles. I've received two emails in the past 24 hours from folks there. They both said “If we enter into 3rd party sales and the requested titles are available, we will contact you by May 3.” So that must be their party line.Worth noting, the titles' websites say they'll be shuttered and the content will not longer be online as of April 30th. So what's with the May 3rd deadline? Something's happening behind the scenes next week for sure.

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