PCI Council De-Lists Mobile Payment Applications While it Formulates Standards

In March, the PCI Security Standards Council de-listed several mobile payment applications that had previously been approved as PCI compliant. The move comes as the PCI Council works to develop security standards for mobile payment applications, which could take several months and leave subscription sites that want to accept mobile payments exposed to compliance risks.VeriFone is one of the mobile payment apps recently de-listed, according to a report by StorefrontBacktalk. It’s unclear how many other payment apps were similarly de-listed, because the PCI Council did not publish a complete list. The de-listings followed an announcement earlier in 2011 by the PCI Council that it would no longer approve any new mobile payment apps as PCI compliant while it develops a comprehensive set of standards for securing mobile payment transactions according to PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, and PTI Standards.The council did not offer a time-frame for completing or releasing its mobile payment guidelines, but StorefrontBacktalk speculates the process could take several months.

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