New York Times Paywall Paying Off; 85% of US Print Newspapers Planning Paywalls

Amidst news that The New York Times paywall strategy looks to be working, we also find survey results saying that 85% of newspapers that aren’t currently charging for online content might do so in the future.As we’ve long suspected, paywalls and paid online content could be the key to saving news business. Citigroup analyst Leo Kulp calls sales of online subscriptions by The New York Times “robust” and says the loss of online advertising revenue is being made up by online subscriptions, which as of April were up to 100,000. According to the AP, “Kulp believes the loss of online advertising revenue is likely minimal, because comments from other newspaper chains suggest that online ads aren’t selling well in any case.”Meanwhile, the “Push to Paid” study from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and Reynolds Journalism Institute finds that 85% of newspapers not currently selling online content may or will charge at some point, with 35% of these newspapers planning to move to a paywall model in the next 12 months. Overall, four in ten newspapers are currently charging for some content with smaller newspapers more likely to install a paywall and larger newspapers focus on developing mobile apps.