New Data: Subscription & Membership Site Publishers Bullish on Launches & Acquisitions for 2010

According to this new data from's own annual survey of subscription and membership site executives, the industry is looking at expansion for 2010.302 publishers and executives responded to these questions — a record for paid content industry studies.  They included b2b content sites as well as subscription sites selling content access to consumers. All of the executives were actively involved in a paid content subscription site (we surveyed other online and offline publishers separately.) Some analysis: Although mobile publishing is hot in the media, these executives are apparently far more interested in expanding in the platform they know is proven to work for them — subscription sites.Experienced site publishers are interested in developing sites based on offline brands… but not so much that they'll go out and look for the deals aggressively. This is an opportunity for offline brands, ranging from branded instruction books and TV shows, to celebrities worthy of membership-based online fan clubs, to reach out to publishers who already know what they're doing in the space. We'll definitely be covering the hows of this type of deal in 2010.Folks are also interested in acquisitions, but again mainly in a passive manner. I actually suspect this is because there are very few information sources currently for subscription site acquisitions.Although execs are not that interested in trying to turn free content into a paid site (a tactic that has worked well in the past and we have a Case Study Library to prove it), I suspect paid ebook properties will provoke a different answer.Launches, launches, launches. Well, your first site is always the hardest. Once you've got the tech, content, and marketing nuts cracked to your satisfaction, why not cookie cutter your systems and processes out over additional sites? It's a very normal business Model for offline subscription newsletter publishers.  So I expect to see a lot more of that too, with typical site publishers owning multiple titles

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