Hearst and Interweave to Launch Daily Deals Sites

Think Groupon and Living Social have the market cornered on daily deals or group deals sites? Think again, especially if you are a niche publisher. Companies with niche publications are rolling out their own group-buying sites this summer.In late August, Hearst, which owns Road & Track as well as Car and Driver magazines, will launch offers aimed at the male-dominated readers of these two publications. Hearst will be using a deals platform built for big publishers by Group Commerce. According to allthingsd.com, “The deals will be promoted through the magazines and through other online experiences, such as newsletters, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and mobile applications. Some of the initial offerings include a custom product bundle from Gladiator Garage, which sells workbenches and storage units for garages, and an exclusive Corvette driving school package at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Nevada.”  Hearst plans to later offer deals to readers of Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Esquire.Instructional craft publisher Interweave just launched a daily deals site at FlockShop.com. While the publisher has a very large ecommerce store of its own selling DVDs, books, digital magazines, etc., Flockshop has launched selling third-party items and the majority of future offerings will be from third-party companies. Senior Vice President Steve Koenig says, “FlockShop Alerts are sent via dedicated email list, Facebook, Twitter and a soon-to-be-released desktop app.” Interweave built the site in-house with ODAT technology.Could a daily deals site or set of offerings complement your subscription site? Could you partner with advertisers to provide deals?