Case Study Lesson: Profiting With Gift Subscription Offers & Groupon Campaigns Year Round

We recently interviewed BookSwim co-founder George Burke for Subscription Site Insider’s newest Case Study on how his team developed a profitable book-renting subscription site.Word-of-mouth and savvy media relations drive most of the site’s new subscriptions, but the team also found a strong market for gift subscriptions and have developed several ways to market them on the site itself and in outbound campaigns.The key lesson is that online subscriptions and membership sites make great gifts — and you can promote gift subscriptions in more ways than just a holiday season email blasts. BookSwim has a dedicated page on its site to offer a range of gift subscription options, so visitors can choose a package for their book-loving friends and family members. You can create a dedicated gift subscription page like this once, but adapt copy and graphics as needed to target specific upcoming holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduations, etc.But BookSwim doesn’t stop there. They’ve also found success using gift subscriptions as promotions for campaigns on group-buying sites like Groupon, Living Social and Gilt City.  Many of these services don’t allow you to market autorenewal subscriptions to their members, so promoting instead a three- or six-month gift subscription is a way to get several months of service paid in advance while you work to renew those buyers onto recurring billing plans.So don’t only think of gift subscriptions around the year-end holiday season.

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