Case Study Lesson: Highest-impact Places to Promote Trial Subscription Offers

In this week’s new Subscription Site Insider Case Study, we interviewed SmartCredit’s CMO Ethan Taub. SmartCredit is duking it out in the consumer credit info industry against such brand giants as So, his marketing has to be hugely effective to gain market share.

One of his best tactics — putting free trial offers for SmartCredit on marketing partner site’s thank-you pages.  For example, a mortgage company might feature a SmartCredit offer on the thank-you page that visitors see after submitting an online loan application.

Key: This does NOT involve data-pass, which is illegal in the US. The mortgage company is not passing SmartCredit the credit card information of people who accept the trial.

Ethan told us that currently SmartCredit offers on partner thank-you pages are getting an average 15% CTR (clickthrough rate) – and he’s converting 14% of those who click into a free trial with credit card. This is substantially higher than click rates for practically any other type of ad to a third party audience. (Consider the slim pickings with banners these days for example.)

The nice thing about thank-you pages is that in most industries, it’s underutilized space. Your affiliates and partners may not have any ad real estate on their home page, landing pages, or email newsletter to give you. But the thank-you page — especially for email opt-ins and site registrations — often wide open.For that matter, have you looked into monetizing your own thank-you pages? You can cross-sell your own offers or run a promo for a partner…..

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