B2B Publishers Expect Double-Digit Revenue Growth From Online Media, New Site Launches & Events

B-to-B publishing is alive and well, and publishing CEOs see the best opportunities in online publishing and events, according to a new survey of B-to-B CEOs from Folio Magazine. B-to-B publishers of all sizes can learn a few key lessons from the survey results, including why now is the time to launch a membership or subscription site:

  • E-media was the fastest growing revenue stream last year (cited by 68 percent of larger publishers and 52 percent of smaller publishers). This is where you need to put your money. If don’t already have a subscription site, learn how to run a membership site effectively. Repurpose your content into mobile apps; yes, there is a market for b-to-b apps. Keep an eye out for what’s next in the online space.
  • 35 percent of larger publishers plan to launch an online publication compared to 20 percent who expect to launch a new print magazine in 2011. Meanwhile, 27 percent of smaller b-to-b publishers plan to launch online, while just 13 percent are planning a magazine startup. A third of publishers are launching an online startup this year. These days it is usually cheaper and less risky to launch online. My greatest fear in seeing these numbers is that another company might launch my idea before I do. Get out there and do it now and don’t use money as an excuse. Our recent Case Study on NeedATopic proved that a membership site can be launched in less than a week for less than $1,000.
  • Larger publishers said the events part of their business was their second-fastest growing revenue stream. No matter the size of your business, if you’re not doing events, you’re leaving business on the table. Start small if you have to with a half-day or full-day conference near your headquarters. Learn from the experience and grow. Don’t forget virtual events like trade shows and education.
  • The majority of both larger and smaller publishers say they expect a double-digit increase in revenues this year. Business is back. Ask yourself, where can you find double digit increases in your revenue streams?
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