Weekly Subscription News: Video Games, Verizon and Vehicle Subscriptions

Featuring EA, Kroger, Red Hat and Verizon

Weekly Subscription News: Video Games

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In this week’s subscription headlines, EA is ready to launch its Origin Access Premiere Subscription, Kroger is starting a delivery service in four cities to compete with Amazon and Walmart, and Red Hat is exploring blockchain options. Also this week, Verizon offers safe WiFi, PayPal has 244 million customers, and nasty spyware infects 11 million.

EA’s Origin Access Premiere Subscription Launches Next Week

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Kroger Launches Delivery Service in Four Cities to Take on Amazon and Walmart

Vehicle Subscription Service Inride Launches in Washington, D.C.
Auto Remarketing

Red Hat Subscribes to Different Plan for Blockchain

Verizon’s Safe Wi-Fi is an Ad-Blocking VPN that Costs $3.99 a Month
The Verge

JD Sports Unveils New 24-Hour Music Streaming Platform in U.K.
Retail Gazette

Nasty Spyware Infects 11 Million Users: What to Do Now
Tom’s Guide

PayPal Reports 244M Active Customer Accounts in Q2 2018